Sunday, August 15, 2010

back to work

school is in session so i am beginning to update the shop again. it's very exciting - i need to change it every once in a while to keep it interesting. there may even be a new banner by the end of the day. i even made a new blog banner, with a temporary title, that i will probably change in a month. titles are difficult! this one suits me and my words for today.

speaking of banners, look at this:the new design for etsy shops! at first i was a bit alarmed, but i think the changes will be good. although, the shop announcement thing that was originally announced seems like a nuisance, it isn't even showing up here in this example. i am usually not inclined to read shop announcements, anyway (sorry everyone) - especially the long ones! my current banner would probably work with the new layout, but i am ready for a change anyway.

as mentioned before, i have finally built up my flickr page to the point where it has actual content and not just a few random photos. i mainly did this to give photo access to my nieces and nephews (who requested the ability to post photos elsewhere online), and i kept adding photos after realizing i love looking at particular photos all at once. i love the mosaic effect of sunsets and things i've painted, and the fact that i can arrange these letters of the alphabet (i know that not every letter is there, though we photographed every letter on a trip into downtown mackinaw city.)

i have not forgotten that i want to put 100 items in the shop (at the same time) before this year is over, so i must get back to work.

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