Saturday, November 28, 2009

More gift ideas

Here are a few more gift ideas!

BraveMoonman's Cassette Tape Pouch - $50 ($34 with fewer embellishments)

There is no detail missed with this pouch. Even the fabric lining is perfect (others have lining that coordinates with the colors of the pouch). It is unique, useful, and nostalgic in the best way, almost as if I would expect to hear an eighties-style saxophone solo upon opening it.

LittleCoasterGnome's Ceramic Tile Coasters - $10

LittleCoasterGnome seems to have a coaster style for everyone. I like the bright print featured above, but there are also bowling-themed coasters, roosters, owls, bats, butterflies, vintage labels, leopard print, and more. These coasters are waterproof and backed with four layers of cork to protect furniture.

Urastarhouse's Wooden Star House Phone - $12

I like the versatility of this toy - it is spare enough to be used as a phone, calculator, pricing machine, or remote control. It was difficult to choose one item from Urastarhouse. This is a store full of extreme handmade cuteness - adorable little animal and people characters worthy of a collection. I will post just a few more photos of the characters...they would make such a great play set. I don't think my FisherPriceLittlePeople had a family of foxes. Some items are too tiny for kids who still like to put toys in their mouths.

There are mornings where my head swirls with ideas for new things to create - which is how I'm feeling this morning. I'm also celebrating a later Thanksgiving with family today, and there is icing to be done. Look for more gift ideas tomorrow!

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