Friday, November 27, 2009

Buying handmade

The unfortunate part of the Handmade Pledge is that it does not include electronics.

Or DVDs, or season sets of favorite TV shows.

Or appliances.

Or tickets to a show.

Or a gift card to a favorite restaurant.

Or books (always good to give)!

Those are all fantastic, useful gifts, that can also be meaningful gifts. I've already bought a few to give.

But if you are undecided about what to purchase for your family and friends, please consider giving handmade this year, whether you create the gift yourself, support a local artisan, or buy online through Etsy.

It can be scary to buy something you can't hold in your hand first. But you can do this.

This weekend, I will share some great gift ideas I've found on Etsy. Today's finds:

DaisyJanie's 2010 Wall Calendar - $25

This calendar leaves plenty of room for customization, imagination, and doodling. For those people who prefer writing on a calendar to typing into a Blackberry, this is a good choice. DaisyJanie also designs really beautiful fabric, so you may want to throw in a fat quarter to complete your gift.

JulieMeyer's Sandwich and Snack Bag Set - $14

This is not something you will find at a big box store. JulieMeyer's lunch, sandwich and snack bags are functional, reusable, pretty (this Amy Butler Print is so much cheerier than the frosted Ziploc Logo), and machine washable. Add the larger lunch bag to complete a set, or just fill the bags with lovely trinkets.

Water4Christmas' Ornament - $10
This is just one gift from a whole shop devoted to the Water for Christmas fundraising effort, part of the ongoing Charity:Water cause. Several artists and crafters have created items specifically for this cause. I really like the water droplet ornaments that would look so pretty in a window or hanging from a tree, as a reminder of this very basic need that we take for granted.

All proceeds from the shop go to building wells in Africa, so others may enjoy clean water, too.


I'm happy to share that the Mirthmarket now has 200 shop hearts!

I'm going to make some cupcakes now.

Happy Black Friday to you!

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JulieMeyer said...

Lovely calendar! Thanks for featuring my reusable snack and sandwich bags - Julie