Monday, November 2, 2009

Another necklace-in-progress

My attempts at creating a necklace with painted beads for the Mirthmarket continue. For this latest attempt, I've painted beads to complement a certain multi-colored and multi-textured yarn. I got to the beading point yesterday and chickened out of finishing it. I think I need to start with something simpler, finish it, and then work up to this necklace!

Here are the beads, before the stringing began:

I really like painting beads. It was my favorite hobby of summer, 2004. Seriously. Look what I did then, back when I was painting bracelets for a boutique - before I had found my favorite tiny paintbrushes:

How long until I finish a necklace? Does anyone want to venture a guess?

Should I make a few bracelets for the Mirthmarket?

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