Sunday, September 14, 2014

so many earrings

i recently rediscovered my stash of jewelry making supplies. the whim to create jewelry strikes me every few years, but i had some newer beads left over from projects used as gifts last year, and a donation of five pairs of earrings into an auction this spring reminded me how fun it is to make earrings.

dangle earrings are my favorite kind of jewelry to assemble. the beads, findings and tools are extremely portable (so much more than paint!), and the process goes so quickly that the feeling of accomplishment is sudden. i love all of the textures and colors and combinations of the beads. i like rearranging beads until they look right. also, i can work on earrings and still focus on other things (the emmy awards were a three hour long earring making session, and i still feel like i got to see everything).

these will be a great addition to my craft booths this year.

so far, there are over 120 pairs. they don't photograph well on the cork tray i use to corral this crafty mess, but here are some of the finished pieces:

Enjoy this week!

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