Saturday, May 10, 2014

new and somewhat new

last weekend, i got back to painting for a little while.   as happy as i was to be painting something, i was kind of bummed at the end of the day - nothing was turning out well enough for me to feel like i had reached my potential for the day.  i'm sure this happens to days are opportunities to figure out what not to do next time.  my favorite piece is the "you are" flower, above...which completed changed at least three times.  it started out as a pink canvas with no flower at all!  it's only 3x5 - and though i really love the idea for this flower...3x5 is too small for the message, and all of the words - even though i used my tiniest paintbrush. i think i will try this idea again sometime - using a larger canvas!

i also tried a new blog banner, but in the end, the proportions didn't look right to me when i posted it.  i still like it, i'm posting it below:

i was determined to update my blog banner, tonight i created this new image, which feels right:

(the way i painted the circle reminds me of a pair of keds i had in high school, and even though i can't find a photo of that keds style online, trust me that they were really cool shoes!!!)

i'm headed back to the painting table now.  enjoy your evening!

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