Tuesday, January 21, 2014

surprise sprinkle

ten days ago, three of my friends and i threw a surprise baby sprinkle for our friend shellie.

see how thrilled she was?  she's the one to the right of the center with the big smile.  

it really worked out perfectly.  we usually meet about once a month for a meal.  the planners had already planned most of the party, and then shellie sent a text asking about meeting in early january, and the rest of us played right into it.  shellie thought this was a brunch.  i love that she was surprised!


i took these photos in a rush, right before the guests  began to arrive.  the food was really cute.  we used sprinkles whenever possible (as this was a sprinkle, not a shower).  heather k.'s sprinkled cupcakes were perfect!

while this photo isn't pinterest material - i was excited to use these cute little cake stands and kind-of-coordinating dishes for parts of the veggie/dip selection.  i used stikkiwax to hold the dishes together - i think they turned out well!

heather n. made blue lemonade and poured it into mason jars with paper straws, and used bakers twine to attach these little tags i made.  the numbers on the tags coordinated with guest prizes.  we had kind of a snowflake theme, going too.

this is such an awesome circle of friends.  left to right: me, heather k., shellie, heather n., jenny.  i know heather n. from way back (pre-school).  both of us went to ball state, where heather k. lived across the hall from me, and then heather k. and i became roommates about a month into freshman year.  during my sophomore year, jenny was a neighbor of mine on the same floor of the same residence hall (where i introduced her to the boy who would eventually become her husband!).  later, i became an r.a., and shellie was one of the residents on my floor.  on shellie's first day of college and my first day of actively being an r.a., we walked together to a movie in the quad - realizing that we had graduated from the same high school, several years apart.  the next year, shellie became an r.a.  i don't think they knew each other, but jenny also became and r.a., and they ended up being placed in the same hall.  that year, heather k. moved into that hall, and shellie ended up being her r.a. while heather was the hall president.  so many coincidences for a fairly large state university!  i am so lucky to know these ladies. we have been through a lot together.

shellie's baby boy was born today.  i can't wait to meet him!  he has awesome parents who have another son, and do great things in the memory of their daughter, olivia.  please read more about what they do here.

what a joyous day!

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