Tuesday, December 31, 2013

a post for the last day of the year

here are a few things i just mailed to my niece (gretchen) for her birthday.  i made the bracelets and i forgot how much i like doing that!  super fun.  here's to more bracelets in 2014!  and the card includes surprise birthday greeting cameos from her favorite celebrities (because being a vine star=celebrity, this is reality),  which i hope will make her smile.  i like it as much as the time i wrapped an umbrella in printouts of photos of the jonas brothers for my other niece (katie).

this is the first new year's eve where i haven't felt strongly about going anywhere or doing anything specific or even reviewing the year that has passed.  instead, i feel like moving forward.  and i don't feel like watching new year's rockin' eve, either...because those musical acts are just really not compelling.  there is one act i really want to avoid enough to plan to start watching at about 11:59.

i do have ideas in my mind - lots of them! - for the year ahead.  this is uncharacteristic for me as well.

at work, i made a display featuring resolutions and goals that the students made for 2014.  i added one as well..."More time for art and more time for sleep".  That's the simple way of putting it...general life re-prioritization sounds good, too!  Not so much needs to be written into the blog about this.  I really do want to make it to the Matisse exhibit at the IMA before it closes, though.

(sorry about the lack of capitalization consistency - it's not a priority here.)

i wish you a safe and happy new year.

love, julie

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