Friday, August 16, 2013

i kept going

last sunday, after finishing the "write your own story" canvas,
i kept going and made two more.  this was the second.  i am loving
this black-and-white over tissue paper style.  i'm experimenting with
it and working on balancing bright colors vs. black and white - and
how much doodling is too much to break the flow of the piece - and
how many different ways can i do this?  i made a fourth piece this
week and i'm not as excited about it...but that's all part of the

this piece would make a fun greeting card, or a little plaque that
could be a pick-me-up for a friend or co-worker or someone special.
and i like that the phrase can be taken a few different ways, each
being warm and affirming.

i really wanted to be a greeting card designer, all through my youth.
this style of mixed media is giving me that same feeling!

have an awesome weekend!

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