Saturday, April 20, 2013

this unfinished collection

I found that I had stowed away a collection of paintings from a few summers ago.  I painted them during a relaxing Mackinaw vacation (and maybe a few from before or after that).  Most of these, if not all, are from 2011.  I haven't seen them for quite a while, and now I am sharing them with you, in their various stages of finishedness. 

Make Something Beautiful Today: This one, I think, is definitely finished.  It makes me happy to look at it.

Always Be Kind:  This one is not entirely finished, although I don't have a vision right now for what I want to add to it.

The Good Old Days Are Still To Come: My college roommate Catherine (who is awesome, and I miss her) wrote a similar phrase on our dorm room wall in chalk.  I love the optimism in this phrase.  I also like these bright colors!  This one isn't finished - it looks like it needs some white stars and doodles to fill the spaces.  Some of the flowers were punched from newspaper I used as a base for the canvases.

Slow Down:  This one may have been added to the box later than the others.  It probably isn't finished but really, I think I would just add some more to the left side, vertically, and then it would probably be finished.  This is incredibly busy already for such a simple sentiment.  It doesn't need much more.

I Will Keep Happiness In My Soul:  I like this, but I think it's not finished, and needs something that I couldn't decide in 2011 and can't figure out tonight.  I like its color scheme, and this makes me happy to look at even in it's unfinishedness.

You Are Amazing:  This was finished, but now it needs a few repairs.  I think it's funny now that I just drew on the canvas with oil pastels.  Why did I do that?  I don't know - I like this, though.  It's sufficiently bright and the flowers are fun.  My favorite is in the bottom left corner.  

I Am On Your Side:  This one is so not finished.  It's barely begun.  But I wanted to include it because I like its orangeness and wow, this one really has a long way to go.  You can still see my pencil marks!

There were more, mostly about as finished as the orange canvas.  I've been working on some special projects recently, so I will get back to these soon.  Maybe.  I hope so!

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