Thursday, July 12, 2012

snl in my brain

Sometimes, sketches from Saturday Night Live randomly occupy my mind, like song lyrics. I wish every single SNL sketch was online, because there are times I just want to see one, just one time. I would even be happy if they were individually for sale on iTunes (sketches, not even full episodes).

Lately, these characters or sketches have been floating around in my brain:

Jon Bovi:

Nuni and Nuni (So funny!!!):

Taco Town:

(Jack Black's Birthday Song has been in my head, too, but I actually find that one a bit creepy so I'll skip it.)

Even though these seem recent to me, they really aren't. So many people always want to talk about the current casts of SNL (whoever they are at the time) being less funny than the casts before. The truth about SNL is that most of the casts are pretty great. We just block out the lamer sketches from the past out of memory. My favorite SNL era was roughly 1998-2004, closely followed by 1988-1993, and there were lame sketches during those years, too. So much of what we like is based more upon the memories we relate to it, I think.

Anyway, if you haven't been watching SNL recently, here were three highlights from last year:
1. Bill Hader's always silly Stefon.
2. Vanessa Bayer's Miley Cyrus Show.
3. Bobby Moynihan's Drunk Uncle.

What are your favorites?

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aimee said...

so happy to check back into your world for a bit! your header (new?) is gorgeous! glad to see you got away to the UP -- that was one of my favorite vacation places as a kid!