Friday, November 11, 2011


I am too tired tonight to pick up a paintbrush, but my brain is holding a lot of ideas.

I want to mount some mixed media art on wood plaques.

I want to make felt rosettes.

I want to paint a canvas full of flowers.

I want to be better at integrating creativity into my everyday routine. My energy is poured into work, and sometimes it is an awesomely creative adventure. I painted a lot of paper leaves with watercolors this week for a "thankful tree" that is turning out beautifully (and I don't take credit for it - I only thought of the watercoloring part).

In the meantime, so many ideas crowd the space in my mind. How can I find the balance?

Here are some beads I painted a few years ago. I painted beads pretty compulsively for a while. I don't really feel like painting more beads at this point in time, but I liked these a lot.

Sometime I will have something newly created to post. Just not tonight. :)

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