Monday, September 5, 2011

something new

I just posted a new pendant - a different size and shape than before. What do you think?

It's been such a good Labor Day weekend - I saw friends, I saw "The Help" (loved the book, liked the movie too), slept in, made a recipe with an eggplant for the first time, painted a bit, and relaxed a lot.

I also started an altered book project using some discarded baby board books that had been donated to our school's library:

I've never made an altered book, but for the past nine or ten years or so, I've been wanting to make one. It's been so fun to delve into the world of mixed media, and I'm certain that I'm going to keep along that path. At this point, the books are completely black with gesso. I may have painted over some photos of babies inside pumpkins and bunches of hydrangeas. I'm not quite sure what I want the books to be about, so I'll think on it some more.

I just think the photo opportunity above was cool.

The weather was cool today, too...on Saturday it was 100 degrees here, and today (Monday) I think the high was 67. I love that!

Have a pleasant week.


aimee said...

i'm so excited you're making pendants now! the tree is gorgeous!

A. Alexandra said...

that pendant is really cute!