Friday, July 1, 2011

checking in from the library

I'm checking in from the library - my access to internet is limited, and I am not technologically advanced enough to know why I can't seem to upload photos to the computers here - although they are just older photos from Flickr - surely that would be manageable?

So while I write a photo-less post, a quick update of my vacation is that I am resting. The weather has been cool on some days, cold on others. This year, the lake has enough fish and algae that I am okay avoiding it - although the sunsets on the beach have been beautiful, and I will share all of those photos as well.

I am painting and experimenting at a leisurely, yet steady pace. My parents are here with me - the television isn't working very well, which makes life even more fun. On cooler afternoons, we've spent the afternoons listening to NPR while my Mom cuts material for quilt projects and my Dad works on his gigantic braided rug project. It's a nice life.

I hope you have a lovely week.

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Valarie said...

Glad are you are relaxing! And, your mom is quilting!? Not a surprise! If I bought her material and paid her, would she make me another quilt? Mine might look ok from a distance, but they are a mess up close! Her's are beautiful. She is a master!

Just let me know!

Have fun. Wish you could have posted pics. Maybe next time!