Monday, June 20, 2011

my niece's cat and the flower factory

my niece katie has a cat named after forrest gump. i am not really a cat-person but this cat is hilarious to me. and he posed for a very dignified profile photo. nice whiskers!

in other news, our local flower factory is closing. the flower factory was once like a craft/floral/party wholesale club where you needed a membership, but more recently, it just sells about anything you could imagine. i have picked up some great deals on martha stewart scrapbook paper and american crafts stamp pads (as well as other fun things!). i will miss this store, with its odd mix of items, like these imported children's funny cutlery and funny tableware:

(Click on the photos for more detail)

Look closely - it says (among other things): "Tell Me! So dear to my heart. To have both the quality of tenacity."

This is even better: Make you of the kid exaltation begins an ability ownly.

Lst' Go!


Retro Junction said...

"Every styles fully wonderful", too funny! Thanks for sharing!

My Hideaway said...

Very funny! Love the cat portrait too:)

A. Alexandra said...

I love the cat picture. I love your rings too! They are so pretty.

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Kala said...

Wish I lived closer, so I could get some of the scrapbooking stuff too:):) The cat portrait is one of a kind:)

Heather said...

100% All New Funny Edition!

I love that the other one looks like the Kraft foods logo