Sunday, February 13, 2011

marker test

i tested a few bins of aging markers while watching the grammys tonight. after making many, many little hearts, squares and circles, over many, many tiny notebook pages, i have determined that:

*pentel markers last forever. i think i have had mine for 17 years.
*mr. sketch markers are not far behind that, and they still smell awesome.
*crayola markers get goopy and crystallized with age. yuck!
*marvy le plume markers weren't consistent in their rates of decay. some were like new, while others were a faded mess. i think that is probably my fault.
*paint markers should have an expiration date.
*my american crafts markers are only a couple of years old, but are faring beautifully.
*i miss gel pens. i used to write with them so much!
*my permapaques are still fantastic, as well. i only threw away one of them tonight, after ten years. also, i am happy that they are still using my patchwork box on permapaque packaging. hooray for sakura!
*big smelly permanent markers tend to stink more with age.
*i have a lot of sharpies.

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