Sunday, January 16, 2011

the book of wonderful things

in college, i started collecting quotes in this humble little blue binder. it's full of tattered, college-ruled notebook paper, and dozens of spirited, photocopied handouts from my two years as an RA, which i eagerly three-hole punched to use as inspiration for roughly 40 bulletin boards and the monthly newsletter i posted in the bathroom stalls, aptly titled "tinkle talk". it's one of my favorite keepsakes.

i used to retreat into the book stacks of bracken library and read magazines from the 1940's, and i'd bring back books of quotations to copy during slow shifts at the front desk of my hall. my pre-RA-years roommates, heather and catherine, have written some of their own favorites in the pages. i miss them.

i've been wanting to experiment creatively. ideas are plentiful when i'm painting tiny jewelry, but there is more to be made. i have so many awesome art supplies that have gone unused. i don't want to forget how much i like using them!

so from time to time, i am going to pick out some quotes, turn them into projects with different techniques and materials, and i'll display them here. i don't know how often or for how long, but i'm so excited to begin.

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