Sunday, November 21, 2010

1925 Manual High School Booster

This is my Grandmother's Senior Booster book, which looks like a predecessor to a yearbook, from 1925. I saw it for the first time this week, and it's so cool that I wanted to share it with you.

I apologize that the photo is small. Click on it to see everything up close. The best parts, besides the myriad flapper haircuts, are the personal anecdotes listed beside each person. When I read them, I feel like they are being spoken aloud in some kind of corny old-timey announcer's voice:

Florence Foster: May Queen 1924. Masoma. Vice-president of class. Good looking? I'll say so.
Augusta Dudley: Better known as "Gus" or "Dud". Her motto is, "Let's get acquainted." How about it? Mr. Morrison's stenog. Personal.
Evelyn Nordloh: Mrs. Welch in class play. Always laughing. Has a gift of gab. Believes in being kind to dumb animals. Personal.
Sarah Alpert: Better late than never to her first hour class. (and that was all that was said about her! ouch!)

My Grandma, Myla Herrmann, fared a bit better than Sarah: Her middle name is studious. Never talks very much. The designer and maker of the arm bands. Ever hear Myla play the piano? Masoma. Feature writer.

Hmmm. I think my Grandma and I had a lot in common. I designed my senior t-shirt, she designed their arm bands. I don't usually talk much, either. I also notice that she still had long hair in the flapper era. She was the only girl on the page with hair past her chin. For some reason, I feel a connection to that, too.

I wonder what happened to all of these people. Did anyone else live up to the senior prophecy like my Grandma did? They predicted that she would become a piano teacher, which was her lifelong career. How did they live during the depression? Did they build brand new mid-century modern homes (which would have just been modern homes, I suppose)? Did they all love watching Lawrence Welk like she did? Did they stay in Indianapolis? Do I know any of their great-grandchildren?

Have a lovely Sunday.

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