Saturday, October 2, 2010

tissue paper hearts

While editing photos tonight, I listened to, which subsequently led to too much time in the iTunes music store, which led to the rediscovery of so many songs that never made it to my iTunes library (and in some cases, to my cd collection). It was seriously wonderful.

I'm not nostalgic for middle school and high school, but I miss the songs:
Welcome to the Occupation * REM
Untitled * REM (poor audio quality, but this is the only version i could find - seriously, why is this song not elsewhere?) This ended up being the one song I purchased on iTunes.
Don't Talk * 10,000 Maniacs
Drowning Man * U2 (one of my favorites, ever)
Don't Change * INXS
Mediate * INXS This was my favorite video. I want to add about fifteen more INXS songs to this list but I'll stop now.
The Walk * The Cure To be fair, this song is in my iTunes library, but when I was looking for the other videos, I remembered this version with the kazoos. I didn't have MTV, but I had a few videos of 120 Minutes (and The Cure Unplugged) that were recorded at other people's houses and I watched them constantly.
Run * New Order I can't even consider how many times I listened to this tape on my Walkman. I also just remembered that this album cover was on a t-shirt that I used to wear to school.
Night and Day * U2 Red Hot + Blue isn't even available on iTunes, sadly.

This concludes today's Tape Collection Time Capsule. That was fun.

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