Sunday, October 10, 2010


The painting above was a collaborative effort with my niece Gretchen, when she was much younger than the almost teenager she is now. Gretchen did the drawing (and I think some of the painting). I found it today and thought it might brighten up this space a bit. I've been thinking and feeling a lot lately.

This week is going to be full. Beyond the usual, it's report card week, and I'm also co-throwing a baby shower for two of my co-workers. I've been adding more rings to the shop, and even got to ship some away to new homes this week. Hooray for that!

So now, I will look for a place to put these thoughts and feelings - somewhere I can untangle them and sort them out. Do you ever feel like that? Like inside your head, there is a big, stringy mess of thoughts, just waiting to be separated and loosened from their knots? And once they are separated, that's when I can figure out what to do with them.


aimee said...

this is absolutely darling!!

Moe said...

So cute! I love stumbling upon things I've forgotten about :)

I am popping by from an etsy blog thread!