Monday, July 26, 2010

i wrote this while listening to locusts in the evening

i haven't been a dedicated blogger this summer. i haven't been a dedicated painter this summer, either. i have put a lot of energy into other areas - for example, restructuring the school where i work into a place that can truly reach its potential. i don't want it to dwell in mediocrity. school starts in two weeks and two days! unbelievable.

i do regret that i have not had a very crafty summer, but i am going to make up for that. i have been daydreaming about wool beads for about a year now, i think. seriously. ideas are just piling up in my mind! i can't wait to take a whole day when I will just listen to music and fill a tabletop with beads and create nonstop.

first, though, i'm going back to the lake. this time, it will be busier. there are many memories to be made with my nieces and nephews while they are still young. summer is dwindling away. i don't want to miss what little of it is left.

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