Wednesday, June 30, 2010

happy girl

As excited as I've been to drive my new car for the past week and a half, I think it doesn't compare at all to the excitement of my sixteen year old niece.

Yesterday she got her first car - a red, convertible Mustang.

If you know Katie at all, you know that she has a radar for Mustangs. Wherever we are, even if she's texting and talking at the same time, she will sense a Mustang from the furthest point of her peripheral vision, stop what she's doing, and acknowledge it. "Mustang!" she'll insert into any random conversation. She knows her Mustangs, too.

Look at this girl! She's so cool.

Tonight she drove me around the block, as she listened to a Michael Jackson CD. (Which I suppose is not uncommon for a teenager? Katie always surprises me with what she listens to...her tastes have always been fantastically eclectic.)

I'm so happy to be her Aunt.

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