Thursday, May 13, 2010

random comments

Funny things that have been said to me recently:

At the post office, when I reached the front of the line and handed my Etsy-sold package to the kind lady at the counter, she looked at the handwriting style I used and said:
"Does it take you a long time to write like that?"
I said no.
She handed me a scrap of paper and said, "Here. Write Happy Birthday on this." So I did. And it was funny.

Today was exceptionally humid and my naturally frizzy hair doesn't fare well in weather like this. A fifth grade boy saw me and excitedly called my name. "Miss Julie! Miss Julie!" he said, waving his hands. "Hi!" I said back. Then he cupped his hands to his mouth so no one else could understand and whispered, "You need a comb."

He was just looking out for me. He was right.


Valarie said...

So typical of a kid! That's funny!

Amy J said...

very humorous!... thanks for the laugh :)