Sunday, April 25, 2010

so much creativity...

I'm working on three special orders at the moment, so I haven't updated my shop, or painted much else recently. So today, I'm going to focus on the creativity of others.

I was really impressed by a feature I watched this morning about "Google Doodles". They always seem to surprise me when I'm logging into Google - but after watching this, my interest was piqued. There is an archive of all of these doodles, and they're international, celebrating an incredible span of holidays, events, and anniversaries in ways that are really beautiful.

For example, this was how the first day of spring was celebrated last month. I missed it!

There is also a special day in Thailand called Loy Krathong, celebrated with this beautiful image:

Two days after that, Google celebrated Wallace and Gromit's 20th Anniversary:

There are so many more, but I also want to share how impressed I am with the creativity of my friend Val. She is always making something cool! Most recently, it was this cute pair of shorts, and before that, this bag that is so incredibly adorable that I want all of you to see it.

Have a spectactular week!


Rebecca - iceblueberries said...

I love the Eric Carle google doodle. He's one of my favorite kid's authors. Great stuff!

StitchCrafts said...

Just discovered your shop through the forums on Etsy in a blog posting. Love your work. Your rings are beautiful and something my daughter would love.

Valarie said...

Oh, Julie! You are just too sweet!

jdavissquared said...

I LOVE the google illustrations! they're always such a fun surprise! Thanks for the link to the archives!

found you on etsy forums...I'd love it if you came and visited me too!