Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Notes about Florida...

My vacation felt three weeks long. I know that doesn't usually happen. I'm grateful for it. I went back to work on Monday feeling like I'd actually had time away.

Before I left, I was getting through an icky virus, and I spent most of the time working or going directly to sleep. So it really seems like most of March has been a departure from the schedule I'm used to. I've been away from creating. I've been away from time with friends. I wasn't doing my best work anywhere. I was just making it through.

Vacationing felt like a celebration of the end of that. It was a very concentrated time with family. We packed a lot into the three whole days I spent in Florida. After that, a two day road trip. The last day was rainy and absolutely calm.

I saw manatees, or at least the fleeting forms of manatees briefly appearing out of the murky water where they gather near the power plant that keeps the ocean warm. See it?

I met one of my first cousins for the first time, and she cooked a fantastic dinner for us.

I took a really quick walk through IKEA.

I played this game for the first time (fun!) and chewed this gum for the first time (yum!) and ate a Cuban sandwich from the Konvenient Food Market in my Uncle's neighborhood - the shop owner stayed open just to make sandwiches for the seven of us staying there. My Uncle is 91 years old and still tells great jokes and stories.

I felt calmer this week upon returning.

Tonight I met James, Jenny and Aaron's son, born the night before I left. Seeing James' big brothers hold him made me happy.

I'm still feeling tired. Sleep will help that.

I hope things are going well for you, too.

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Casey said...

Yay, sounds like an excellent break! I'm ready for a holiday myself haha