Monday, December 14, 2009

Check out Project 320 right now!

Project 320 is now officially underway!

Every day this week, bundles of beautiful, colorful, handmade gifts are being raffled off for $10 an entry.

Ten dollars! That's less than *one* ring from the Mirthmarket. And when you click on that link above and look at the first set of bundles, $10 is an incredibly good deal for the amazingness available.

Even if you don't win, thirsty people do.

The idea of people drinking dirty water freaks me out. The idea that for some people, their only choice is to drink dirty water, makes me incredibly sad. It's the simplest thing that we take for granted, and it's worth every penny you can donate.

P.S.: Some of the bundles this week will feature Mirthmarket items! I realized today that they might be the smallest items available, and they might not show up in the photos of the bundles, so I've included a photo of all the donated items below.
There are three rings and a pendant...all in a very pretty aquamarine blue.

It's time for you to visit Project 320 now!


Piggy said...

Great blog! Congrats on the FP :) I will check out Project 320. Sound fun :)

God Bless

Felix and Jayne said...

Project 320 sounds like an awesome idea!