Thursday, July 23, 2009

what i did on my summer vacation, part four

What I did on my summer vacation: My favorite thing!

I make it a point to watch every possible sunset. I love that no two are quite alike. Over Lake Michigan, the sunset is the entire sky.

And I love how the sunset is always changing. As soon as you look away, it takes a new shape, and colors brighten and dim.

I even love that sunsets never quite look the same as a photograph. You can't capture the hugeness, and the colors never seem to be quite as brilliant.

I took some sunset photos into an elementary class a few years ago. One boy was completely amazed at what he had seen (he had likely never seen a lake, actually) and he asked, "Is that on Earth?"

I said, "Yes, it's in Michigan."

And he said, "Yeah, but is that on Earth?"

Every sunset is a blessing.


Crysto said...

outstanding photos! I love sunsets!!

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Beautiful pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful vacation!

Valarie said...

That is why we love kids. How much cuter could a question be?

Yes, love the pictures, love you and can't wait to get back there!

You are, as I always say, AWESOME!

Can't forget to mention how much I love you blogging daily!

julie said...

Thank you Val! You are AWESOME!

I am trying to keep up with the blogging! It's been okay for this week, but I will probably not be as frequent with school starting soon!
Just a forewarning!