Thursday, July 30, 2009


In looking through the vacation photos, I just noticed that this picture features two Etsy purchases from last year. Gretchen earned this Hurricanes are Haters shirt from clothmothclothing after a hurricane forced a tree into her brand new (to her) bedroom. And the lovely tote from lolabags was roomy enough to hold a Wii and a Wii Fit.

Buying on Etsy is such a fun experience. A recent favorite was a tiny collection of tapas plates and a bowl from atelierBB. Her entire shop amazes me...there are so many colors, shapes and patterns. And in reality? They are just as beautiful as the photos. I would happily take one of everything.

I love this shop: jenmaestre-and I'm especially loving this. It's so cool I can barely stand it! It's almost like it wants to be mine.

Browsing is so much fun. There is always something new and wonderful to find on Etsy.


Curtis Collectables :) said...

There is so much on Etsy. I wish I had more money. Haha.

Valarie said...

I totally agree! Way better than shopping in a store.

And, I LOVE the plates and bowls. I will treat myself to some of those. Very beautiful.

Way to be cool, Julie!

Linda Pruitt said...

Yes, I agree, there is always something wonderful to find on etsy!