Sunday, June 14, 2009

three updates

Three updates for things I'd mentioned before:

1. Back in March, I had some fabric printed on Spoonflower, based on this photo.

It didn't turn out as I hoped - the background was charcoal gray rather than black, and the flowers, though vibrant, weren't as crisp or off-color in places. I don't know how much of this was a Spoonflower issue, but I realize part of it is a ME issue...I just chose a photo I thought I'd like to see turned into fabric, and didn't really alter it or even think about how it may translate. The photo was of paper flowers on a black background. Next time, I'll work harder on the "before". However, I've noticed that many people have observed that Spoonflower fabric doesn't always turn out as they'd hoped.

It's definitely a great idea and a cool service to have. I hope they continue to be successful. I may try this again sometime.

2. I was on the broadcast of Extreme Makeover:Home Edition - for about three split seconds. This is the only split second when my face (on the far right) was visible - and even as a screen capture, I am blurry - a very fleeting moment!

I'm going to mention again how huge this makeover was. The family received a trip to Paris, a new home, a library/community center built next door to house the community group led by the owner of the home, private college tuition for all three sons, the mortgage paid off, a car for the family, a van for the community group, 1500 trees planted in the neighborhood, and repairs made to about 18 other houses in the neighborhood, as well as 100 laptops donated to children and wireless internet for the whole area.

3. There is a DIAPER GENIE in front of the tree I painted!

This is because Jackson was born on Wednesday! He comes home today. CONGRATULATIONS NIKKI AND TRAVIS! And thanks for being so patient with me. (The mural is still not complete, but this wall with the tree is finished, as are several other walls. I am not a speed-muralist.)

Enjoy your week!


My Journey Home... said...

the mural looks great! and i love your blog =)

heather said...

I love being able to read and see what you are up to. I miss you.