Monday, March 16, 2009

you can make a font for free!

Back in November I wrote about - and now I am writing about something even better. is another site where you can MAKE YOUR OWN FONT, with the following advantages:

1. It has two pages of characters, if you're into foreign language symbols. Fontifier has this, too, but on yourfonts, it is not a
separate deal.
2. It has a "signature" section, so you can just type your signature in one click.
3. It is f r e e. Free! Not nine dollars per font. Free, so if you make a mistake that you didn't catch the first time, no big deal!
I made mistakes on two of the three fonts tonight (by mistakes, I mean dust specks on the scanner that make uncalled for
spaces), and it's okay with me. For now :) .

You don't even have to do both pages if you don't want to (I didn't).

Try it. It's fun!

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