Sunday, March 8, 2009


on friday night i had a dream about this blog.

let me preface this with two statements:

1. i have been sleeping more lately, on purpose, to see what effects it will have on my life, and one effect so far is remembering more of my dreams. aren't dreams fascinating?

2. i'm not a natural blogger, although i like the medium...i'm apprehensive about speaking out to "the world".


okay, back to the dream itself. in the dream, i was receiving feedback on this blog, and overwhelmingly, the response was that the readers didn't know enough about me by reading it.

i struggle with this. i'm notoriously not on facebook. i don't like talking about myself. i do, however, love talking at length about arts and crafts, at a level that resembles nerdery and geekdom.

earlier today, someone in the etsy forums was asking people what she should write about, and other people were responding that they typically include recipes, features on other sellers, stories about their cats, etc. i've read before that some people are put off by blogs that are all about etsy shops, and not enough about everyday life.

some good advice for others (and also for me):
a blog is just a thing. don't overthink it. don't force it to have an identity...that will happen over time anyway. use an honest voice. write about anything you want to write about. there are like six million blogs in the world - this is nothing new - but you are the element that will make it unique. why not use it as a place to collect everything that surrounds your creativity?

and so now, i am going to share something about me:

do you see that round patchwork box on the front of the permapaque markers set?

i made that.

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