Saturday, February 28, 2009


how i packaged the first item:

i am not a fan of wrapping things (i'm also not very good at it), but i do want the things i sell to be packaged in a fun way, that seems like getting a present. i am a fan of paper punches, so i lined the inside of the box with felt and paper stars, and adorned the box itself with some thin ribbon and a moo card. what do you think???

i suppose that there will be other ideas for other packages, which leads me to state right now that not everything in the shop will be wooden jewelry. (just a lot of it, because that's what i'm into right now).

i have been thinking about shops that definitely generalize in one thing...and sellers who have multiple shops because they sell different types of things. i think i will have a shop that sells a lot of different types of things.

the rest of today will be for making more things!

have a nice evening. i hope your february was wonderful.

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