Sunday, February 1, 2009

Going camera shopping today!

after i write this post, i'm going camera shopping. i feel like i've read about 752 reviews from sites that specialize in reviewing cameras, and nothing seems to me like a final, definitive answer. reviews from buyers are slightly less helpful. they tend to go something like this:

Reviewer 1: * * * * *
I am so happy with this 10.0 megapixel/15x zoom camera. This is, no doubt, the greatest camera ever made in the history of cameras. I updated from my 3.0 pixel camera and I'm amazed at the quality of shots I could take. I opened up the box, without reading the manual, and started taking pictures of my furniture and they were so clear and crisp. Great features. The only thing I would change is that the batteries wear out too fast.

(for so many words, this really doesn't tell me anything.)

Reviewer 2: * * * * *
I compared this camera with a 12.0 pixel/20x zoom camera, and chose this one because it takes even better macro shots. A great deal for the money.

(i don't really understand how this is possible.)

Reviewer 3: * * *
This camera takes great action shots, but anything taken with the macro setting shows up grainy once it has been downloaded.

(what? could that be the battery? the reviewer above said it took better macro shots than the 20x zoom camera!?!)

And apparently, no one likes Kodak. Poor Kodak...I liked you in the store.

After a while, it seems that user experience may have as much to do with the reviews than anything else, so I'll go to the store and hold them and take macro shots of the price tag signs and debate features vs. cost in my mind and then, hopefully, I'll find a camera with a working shutter. Kind of exciting!

Above are some little pins/brooches I've painted recently for the shop. I like variety.

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