Friday, January 2, 2009

patterns in my head

on the drive to work today, i had visions of patterns in my head. how many people have visions in their minds of colors and shapes and patterns? they happen all at once. i see a whole picture of something that never existed before, and i'm compelled to create it. i know it's not just me.

it doesn't always happen. several times in the past week i've brought all of my paints out of their pink and orange storage boxes only to sit in front of a blank canvas (or random wood item) and stare blankly. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THIS? and even making a mark and continuing is exhausting. that's why i ended up cutting out red felt hearts last night, over and over. i have a plan for them, too.

rings are the thing i've made most frequently. some more ring designs are above, including the old newspaper that accompanies my workspace.

now, it's eleven hours later, and i still have the pattern in my head.

i don't know why i'm drawn to hearts, but i am. i've made the same drawing/painting many times, just a heart on a surface. i want to make a hundred of them. and i will.

until then, here is a link to a new cpsia article - concerning the law's effect on resale shops. disturbing!

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Danielle said...

Maybe....u have had alot of things on ur mind and stressing u it work? Well if u keep thinking this just draw it out and see watcha get. it could be a really good painting or drawing or watever it is! good luck!