Sunday, January 18, 2009

hi, i'm a novice

by now it's clear that i am not rushing along the path to opening the mirthmarket. it's cool with me. i have a full time job that consumes well over the standard forty hours per week. i want to take my time and make sure everything is as i've envisioned it - with enough inventory to feel "full" from the beginning. i am on day three of a flu strain that brings me a fun new symptom each day (today, for example, is painful cough with instant light-headed effect). this is the story of how the mirthmarket grows.

i might have been content on this journey for quite a while (as i am one of those people who adores the process), until etsy put a little link on the shop site called google analytics.

i signed up as soon as i found out, just to see what it was like - what i may look forward to keeping track of as soon as the shop feels ready. i waited the standard 24 hours, and remember that it wasn't such a big deal when i first checked. it looked kind of interesting. i had made a treasury so i figured whomever visited had clicked from there. cool.

but then later in the week, people were visiting. i don't know how they arrived (this is something i will figure out later). they were from places i've never been - like portland. and vermont. and israel.

and i had nothing to show them, but a banner and a blank page. and a greeting, which directs people to this site.

and now, my curiosity is piqued. what if i had something to share with these visitors from all over? that would be fun.

i'm happy to say that it's closer to being ready.

and if you are visiting, hello!

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