Sunday, December 14, 2008

more about the cpsia

there are many thoughtful articles and discussions about the impact of the cpsia on crafters and consumers, and i'm tempted to post them here, but then i need to remember that no one really reads this blog yet and i'm pretty much talking to no one. but, i'm keeping track for my own record of this drawn-out path to opening the mirthmarket.

it was not really my intention to market my new items for children. i've done that. i've sold handpainted furniture, and i'm thankful that i've already crossed that off of my list of things to do in life, because as it stands now, that would not be happening with me under the cpsia. my fear is that something i would create would be viewed as something intended for children.

under the legislation, it is not okay just to have a disclaimer that says "not intended for ages 12 and under".

i use a lot of bright colors and simple images, because that's what i like. so now i feel like i have to edit what i'll sell. it's all so subjective, though. the painting above is one that i sold at a tiny shop in greenwood several years ago. this, to me, was intended for a child. fuchsia flowers with sparkles are not standard in most living rooms, and that was never the intention of this piece. so, under the cpsia, i would refrain from creating selling another painting like this.

but what about this painting, that was created for a charity auction? i would imagine that it could be placed in several different settings.

if the earrings and rings i've already made are viewed as possibly intended for children, then i won't be able to sell them. but i have honestly never intended for them to be for children!

grr. this whole law is so frustrating. i really hope that the government realizes how its breadth and lack of specificity (also the exorbitant expenses incurred by sellers of one of a kind items) is harmful, not helpful. it's NOT bad to want safe items in the hands and mouths of children, but this law goes beyond that. and i won't lose my livelihood over it. but others will, and it's beyond sad.

i wanted to mention also that the cpsia makes no exceptions for resale shops, goodwill, garage sales, ten thousand villages, charities, or other potential places where items for children can be obtained.

it makes no exceptions for custom made clothing, like baptismal gowns or flower girl dresses.

it makes no exceptions for natural wood toys, cloth diapers, or handknit baby blankets.

yes, i have already contacted my congressmen and the cpsa (consumer product safety administration), and you can too. some etsy sellers have contacted their local media, which is also a great idea.

more soon.

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