Sunday, November 2, 2008

where have i been?

i've been working! my full-time job is in a busy stage right now (it usually is...sometimes it's slightly less busy, though!), and i've been a worker bee with shop merchandise as well. there is so much preparation in creating an etsy shop! since i've last written, i've purchased a postal scale, figured out packaging somewhat, researched a lot, worked on my photos, and crafted many more things.

i figured out a way to make my photos work...though they aren't yet perfect, there is a definite improvement. when hobby lobby had a scrapbook paper sale, i bought a lot of 12 x 12 solid sheets and then some vellum in different colors. i overlap them to find color combinations that work, and now i have consistent, yet changeable backgrounds that do not take away from the items themselves.


i also started making treasuries. waiting for an etsy treasury to open requires a lot of patience and good timing. just waiting to view a treasury takes time...that rainbow mandala takes a while sometimes. they are fun to piece together, though! here was my first one, last week:

i'd like to have some more items ready before the shop opens - some felt pieces, and possibly some prints. i want the mirthmarket to incorporate all of the kinds of artwork that i love doing...brightly and cheerfully eclectic!

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