Sunday, September 28, 2008

welcome to the mirthmarket

a quick introduction: this is the blog corresponding with my etsy shop, the mirthmarket.  i plan to chronicle its progress, and share news, updates, inspirations and lessons learned.  i'm incredibly excited!

as of today, the mirthmarket exists only as a banner.  though i've visited etsy for several years, i did not actually start my shop-building process until august 31st.  before then, i've sold painted items (bracelets, picture frames, random brightly colored objects) in stores and craft fairs.  after a few years of laying low with the craftiness, i can't wait to begin.  i'm taking my time with all of this - it's how i balance everything else in my life.  i'm a happy soul who is compelled to make things.

thank you for joining me on this adventure.  welcome.

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